Thursday, 8 July 2010

The trials and tribulations of trying to get a job.

It seems ironic, that amongst all the fuckers who literally can't be arsed to get a bloody job, I have been trying my hardest and still can't get one.

Actually thought my luck was finally in the other day when I managed to get an interview. Prepared for it and was well buzzing. 
To be told when I got there that because of the number of people (aka immigrants) coming into the country, I'd need more ID for them to interview me, and that she couldn't legally actually carry on with the interview.

Bring on angry/upset Carrie
Because now as a country we have got to the stage where half of the population are too fucking lazy to get a job or go into further education, we are left with foreigners coming en mass who take our jobs because they are actually willing to work for cheap.
This is insulting.
To me and others who WANT a job and can't get one because of this
And because it paints us as a nation in which we are a bunch of lazy fuckers who can't be bothered to get a job. 
When in-fact, half of us are compromised by the benefit thieves.

As soon as that fucking NI Card arrives, I am going back out there and I WILL get a fucking interview if it kills me!!