Sunday, 27 June 2010

First year of uni....has come and gone

Well, first year of uni is out of the way. I passed everything with reasonably high marks, which I'm happy about. 
Now being back up home I'm reflecting on what has been both a really good and really shit couple of months.
Many good things have happened, however amidst the positive usually comes a constant stream of negative for me.

I'm going to miss uni people A LOT.
Its going to be weird not being around people 24/ 7
I think you need freedom when you get to a certain age though
 I value independence.
Next year I will be making some decisions that will make independence a lot easier.
Currently, due to various reasons I am struggling financially.
I've had two properties to pay rent for, and two lots of deposits which has cost me the best side of two grand. On-top of that, there are train tickets etc. which become expensive when you live 400 miles away.

As well as that, and I do not deny this. I like HAVING FUN
Life is too fucking short to 'save for a rainy day' and be fucking boring.
So shoot me.
I party too much and maybe I did spend a bit on beer?
This is the first time I've had to lend money this year, and I intend to pay it back this week when the bank fixes its massive screw up. 
I'll pay for myself through my own means. I'm trying to get a job, but in the meantime, its my life, i don't usually borrow money and I'll live how the hell I like thanks.

This is what makes it hard being at home. Being accepted. I don't nag people, but they see it is alright to nag me constantly.
Next year, despite peoples opinions, I am going to have to be based in Reading a lot more so I can get a permanent job there.
Its something I want to do. For my own reasons. 

Sometimes you have to stop worrying about what everyone else wants, and do what makes YOU happy. This is not selfish, its the only way your going to get what you want out of life.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

This week: a summary

Well, NOT in a good mood. I clearly must have been a serial killer in a past life or something because my karma is literally the definition of bitch.

So I thought I'd do a quick evaluation of what has gone right and wrong this week.

It also stops me from becoming mentally unhinged and yelling at people I shouldn't. 


* Back in Reading so I can see my mates!!! STAR FISH LOVE YOU :D

* Experienced some good bands at Download and met up with some awesome people (and saw my wife and holly)

* Didn't get TOO burnt at Download

* Experienced the joy of being able to drink vodka at 8am and no-one judging you :)

* I have strong, cheap cider. Tramp style.

* Weekend is gonna be awesome :D


* No money. Skint. Ruined download and means I can't have much fun now.

* Rained on sunday at Download. Missed Aerosmith. Tent got wet. So did sleeping bag. Had to climb up one big ass hill in the rain.

* Purse got stolen at Download.

So means I had to replace debit card 

And I lost: nice purse, national insurance and provisional license, none of which I can afford to replace anytime soon

* Passport is out of date so can't use it as ID.

I have no ID. 

Mintt. I am officially a 16 year old again. Lol.

* Laptop decided this morning that it would erase every file that I have and be a complete knob. Was not impressed. A lot of swearing and chain smoking occurred.

* Cunts keep mowing the grass millions of times a day



But yeah. Think thats ABOUT it

Everyone tagged is in the good list btw lol

Am not that much of a cunt lol


I'm off to drink white cider :D


Thursday, 17 June 2010

"Hope the bastard has a really fucking good time on two pounds"

And so I continue to prove that I have the worst run of luck in the world. I should copyright the word fail in order for it to apply to me. Its only fair really.

Download festival was awesome in its own right. Great bands, lots of alcohol, mates. It had the potential. However when you add in the fact that I was skint (for reasons I will not start another rant about) I attended the festival completely skint. 
Does not help to begin with. 
Thankyou for everyone who gave me beers and smokes, much appreciated :D
However the fact I had no money of my own DID MY FUCKING HEAD IN
Equalled pissed off carrie.
Add in arguments and the fact that some CUNT nicked my purse, it did not create a good mood for me.

Yeah. My purse. That had 22 pence and 2 pounds on my card. And my national insurance, provisional etc.
Hope the bastard had a really fucking good time on two pounds cos he fucking has screwed things up for me. I can't afford to replace any of it. And my passport is out of date so I can't renew it.
No ID! No money! Might as well not exist!

Plus I can't afford my phone bill.
I WANT a job right.
But being at uni 400 miles away from where I live and constantly being in two places at once does not constitute good employment opportunities.
I'm back up durham for three months and we live in the middle of nowhere and can't drive so how the fuck am I gonna get a job!!

Am aware this has turned into a rant.
Just want some advice or answers to this weeks shit!!!!!

There are a few people making this week A LOT better
Bring on saturday :D

Time to get pissed on cheap cider.