Thursday, 6 May 2010

Sometimes you start to lose faith in people.....

 I yet again have had a fun night attempting to sleep and failing miserably. 
I get in this rut of feeling incredibly tired all the time and having little energy yet not being able to sleep.
This rut is called insomnia.
I have to tell you, it sucks.
You do actually learn to live with it to an extent, but if I could be one of those people that fall asleep anywhere, I would be. Seriously.

But yeah, I guess it gives you more time to think. 
Number one topic of the moment is people.
I have some awesome mates but also some who continually let you down. I am quite a generous person so I do sometimes tend to give people second chances who probably do not deserve them.

I can remember in sixth form when I didn't fit in ANYWHERE and started to find people outside of the closeted, shitty private school that I went to. 
Met some awesome people.
Time moves on though and so do people's priorities. 
Seems sometimes people manipulate you and only want to be friends with you when they are single or want your help or money (or lack of, in my case). 
In name of not driving myself clinically insane, I'm going to have to start to bother with these people less.
I did start, the other week, but that's another thing entirely.

There's also people you dedicate time to that turn out to be the biggest dickhead losers on the planet. 
For example those who you start seeing and continually get undermined and accused of cheating on them.
I don't pretend to be an angel, but I definitely do not consider it necessary to be so bitter and insulting when I finally get sick of false accusations.

Another case in which I  mistakenly gave someone a chance I guess.
I suppose in time I will become a better judge of character and experience less constant headfuck.

Have to say though, met some awesome people this year.
You know who you are.

Uni definitely has done me some favours.
Despite having randomly chosen somewhere 400 miles from home, which makes seeing people there rather difficult, (and expensive).
Guess it makes you appreciate people more. 

Well, I'm gonna stop rambling and do some 'revision'
Or perhaps find out why some guy has just walked past my window and made groaning noises.
Actually I might not. 
I am slightly disturbed.

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