Sunday, 16 May 2010

Well a fun weekend of being pissed off for no reason.

Sometimes I just cant be arsed with things.
This weekend has been one in which I have been the most miserable git in the world.
I can't really help it to be fair, I go through periods where I'm just really down for no reason.
Coupled with insomnia it makes for a really fun mix
And equals in pissed off, miserable, no fun Carrie. 

I think I've got over it. 
After watching random mighty boosh clips and Bonnie Tyler videos whilst drinking cider I seem to be in a much better mood.

I would love to know WHY I'm down.
Its one of those things.
When people ask why your down they expect to have some kind of answer to why your depressed. 
I don't have one? 
I'm not trying to be self-involved
Am just explaining
Things are going surprisingly well for me at the minute, so rightly I shouldn't be down.
Strange how things work like that. 
But that aside, I've just been totally miserable this weekend. Had a random chat at 2am this morning with my mate and it proper cheered me up to know that someone else gets what I'm talking about.

Maybe I just have screwed up brain functions. 
Wouldn't surprise me to be fair.
Think this time its because I'm going through the whole 'why did i choose to go to uni in reading' thing. 
I start to miss people I can't see that much and revision (or extreme procrastination in this case) means no-ones going out much here and that results in cabin fever Carrie, which equals miserable Carrie.

But yeah, rambling aside.
Cheers for people who are always there when I get like this.
And cheers for those I've probably annoyed to death by being miserable.

Emo post over.
I'm now clearly going to go and 'revise'.
And not watch shit and drink cider.

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